Monday, December 23

Work today was busy, busy busy! It seems that people have suddenly woken up to the fact that today is the 23rd of December, and if they planed on getting anything for their loved ones for Christmas that they had better do it NOW! This of course did not stop people from being, how shall I put this, not so intelligent in their requesting of books. Case in point: "Hey I'm looking for ______ (insert popular book title)" At this point that have a 50-50 chance of getting that book. But when the answer is "Nope, sorry, we're out of that!" the reply (25% of the time) is something like, "How come!?". Because everyone who did their shopping EARLY got it before you did!

Of course they aren't all bad. The people who know they are shopping late and make fun of themselves are nice to be around. They tend to be easy going and willing to accept help in finding the things they need and are greatful to leave with a gift certificate when they can't find what they are looking for. These tend to be the rest from the storm type people.

Christmas is coming.



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