Wednesday, January 1

Picture time!
What better way to spend new years with good friends AND get gifts for my birthday! I have pulled together some of the pictures from my party for your viewing pleasure tonight. The lighting was kind'a bad so 50% of the shots are blurred kind'a odd, so bear with. I am trying to get my point accross.
First off lets go around one of the tables and introduce the "players" of tonight's little drama: Ryan to the left of the head of the table. Megan sat to his left. To Megan's left sat Ingrid and beside Ingrid sat Katie who is fianced to the Godfather (who was seated at the head of the table).

Of course that was but one table... the 2nd table had no camera. But obviously table 1 had various forms of entertainment available.

After dinner a rousing game of Cranium was enjoyed by all.

Then we had cake, and played a round or two or three of catch-phrase.

Then new years was rung in and we watch The Princess Bride, and went home. A big thanks to all who joined in, and partied liked it was 2k3!



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