Sunday, March 9

I've been working pretty hard core on my Cisco Project these past couple days. (When not working) It's nice to see it come together and be all nice and colorful. (I did the design) This will probably also give you guys a good idea of the stuff I have been "learning" during this class. (And if it seems dull to you, that's probably because it is.)

Musically "The Swift" and "Coldplay" have been keeping the silence from being so silent here in my room whilst I work on this thing. The Swift has kind of an old-school music sound going on. Stylishly they remind me of some of the older "2nd Chapter of Acts" and other stuff of that era. (Could be that the guitars all have that later 70's, early 80's "sound") As for "Coldplay"... hmmm, don't know what to say. Makes a nice background filler that I can tune out and it won't be too loud or too soft.



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