Monday, November 3

Got me a CD for 9.99!

Ok... well it wasn't a physical CD, but the new Jars of Clay cd, which I DLed in about 10 minutes, and the CD comes out in stores tomorrow! (But hey, it's tomorrow on the East Coast...)

The CD is a bit more Folkish than their previous sounds. Yet it also has some throwback sounds to their first CD. I think 9.99 is about a perfect price to pay for a complete CD. (13 songs for this one, would have been 12.87 for all of them @ 99 cents) They don't have the Tait CD up yet on iTunes, but I will be waiting...

The best part about this is that I usually buy CD's and then go home and copy them to my computer so I can't loose them should my CD's get stolen. However this does it the other way around for me. I get the song and then I can burn it to CD. I like it!

Check it out! A hard-core PC user using a Mac product and liking it!

Oh... and a happy 24th Aniversary to my folks! Here's to many more!



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