Thursday, January 29

Celebrating One Year

Tuesday night Lisa and I went out to dinner at the wonderful resturaunt called Pellini's. In case you want to go there it is on top of the renaissance Madison Hotel.) We ate dinner on the 28th floor in near the corner where the windows meet. It's a very great location for seeing the city of Seattle as one dines. You can see the Space Needle, the docs, the WAMU building, it's all very nice. Quite honestly the food was probably some of the best I have had at a restaunt in a while. I recommend it. The food is quality and the atmosphere is excellent.

I snapped a couple pics that night:

Lisa and I, one year into dating

The Lovely Lady Lisa

And that was pretty much our night. I'm doing a lot of work just now. Newstand is defiantly more of a challenge than Zone 4 ever was. I miss the computer stuff though.

I hope to keep this thing a little more updated than I have been in the past, but we'll see how that goes. It's my February resolution!



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