Thursday, February 3


On the 6th of this very month I will celebrate 3 years of this blog! 3 years, you can read it all. Oh the stories this blog could tell if it could... oh. Nevermind it can. And believe it or not I bolded "blog" up there because that is my 102,000th word I have written here on my blog! I have heard several authors say that "everyone has about 10,000 words they need to write before they can start really writing." I guess I passed that mark up 92,000 words ago. I find it funny: in my writing class I am the only one that really has no problem reading my work out loud to people. I enjoy the things I've written because I see it as a part of myself. I am pretty sure that this enjoyment in the things I have written and not being afraid of them (I used to hate the things I wrote, and reading them was obnoxious) stems from this blog. It's a good feeling to know I have a record of the past 3 years. Even if none of you ever read this, I'm glad I've done it. Through this blog I have been able to find my "voice" as a writer and to quickly expunge those 10,000 words I needed to have written. Maybe some day you can look back at this blog and say, "I knew him when only 5 people read his blog!" (Maybe...)

Tomorrow, a Latin mid-term, and I must be able to tell the difference between desidero, deleo, delecto, curro, cupio, and careo. (to desire, to destroy, to delight, to move quickly, to desire/ wish for, and to be without (I honestly think that the last one will give me the most issues))

Goodnight, and happy birthday to my blog!



  1. Hypothesis: could it be that another reason people dislike reading their writing aloud is because they have not put a reasonable amount of work into it, and are somehow aware of the shame that deserves? If you built a totally inferior model car, for instance, when you could have built it really nicely had you just taken a little more care and effort, wouldn't you be ashamed to show it to people too?

    And of course there's people who really have a hard time writing well. That's nothing to be ashamed of, if you do your best.

  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    No... because, well honestly, I don't spend a lot of time on the writing for the class. The class however is almost completely girls besides me. A lot of them strick me as the studious bunch. So I can almost gaurentee they spent more time on their work than I did on my last piece. (30 minutes)


  3. Hypothesis revision: Mostly girls, you say? Cause girls seem to be a lot shyer about their writing, and also often are perfectionists. I'm not sure how often guys are, but girls can be too hard on themselves - especially if you think they may've written multiple drafts.


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