Wednesday, February 9

Nowhere, table for 1...

Last night I was sick, so sadly enough you didn't see any stories here. I intend to fix that tonight with a little piece I like to call:

Nowhere, table for one...

Wood paneled cabinets… empty of the food I am looking for. The refrigerator holds the same fate as the cabinets, I’m afraid. Back to the cabinets and cupboards to see if I have missed anything. Hints of food past are there to taunt me. Smells of bacon long cooked, or a wrapper (who left that in there) to make me think there was something I had missed. I’m spiraling downward into my hunger; as I walk between the cabinets and the refrigerator, and back again. A mindless dance that I am quickly growing frustrated with.

I grab my car keys and go out to my car. I sit behind the wheel thinking about my next move. “Where should I go?”
“Somewhere different!”
“Yes, somewhere I’ve never eaten before!”
I fire up the poor old car and head east, and a little bit south. I can feel the excitement as I hit the main road. I’m going on an adventure and I am going to have lunch somewhere I have never eaten before. My hunger cooked brain thinks it’s logical if I’m “trying to eat somewhere new” to then go “somewhere I have never been before!” (As in a city)

I come to the rural areas beyond the city, and have no real idea where I am at. The first two places I pass because they aren’t different enough. The longer I go without food the odder the excuses become for why I can’t eat at that place: “Too dark, no bars, no windows, no parking, I don’t feel like Asian food, too expensive, no Mexican food either, that place looks too colorful and they probably don’t serve Pepsi there either.”

Three hours later I’m home again; standing in front of the refrigerator. 60 miles driven and time consumed and I still haven’t eaten anything. I settle for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and call it good. Wishing I had settled on that first place I passed up. “I bet they had Pepsi.” I mutter to myself.



  1. Is there a trend in these stories that means to leave your readers scratching their heads, saying "Huh?" at the end?

    But I still liked it. But I don't get it.

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    What isn't to get. I got hungry, couldn't find anything, drove 60 miles, ate nothing, and came home. Nothing deeper here.



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