Tuesday, July 12

A bit busy...

To say I have been busy would be very true. You can say it. I'll wait...

Thanks, I have been busy. Wedding in 4 days, today is my last day of work until after the Honeymoon. Picking out carpet for the bedroom in the Condo (that closed BTW, it's ours now.), picking out a bed for the bedroom (thank M and D), wedding planning, making a video for the reception/ rehersal dinner, work at SBRI, helping Lisa move her stuff into the condo. It's been busy!

The honeymoon will be a much welcomed vacation if nothing else. We'll be hitting the WA State penninsula, so I'm sure I'll have pictures. And if I ever get the reception video done you'll be able to take a look at it (assuming it's not HUGE) at the wedding website.

You might not hear from me until post-marriage. So this could (and probably will) be the last entry I make as a single guy.

Batchelor party on Thursday, should be fun, new carpet and bed get moved in/ installed tomorrow, and Friday I need to go shopping for some new clothes. (And the rehersal)

See you all at the wedding!


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  1. Hey, I hear you and Lisa are back in town. Let's plan on getting together some time soon (life gets a bit busier for me and Ian the beginning of August)--

    For a good time call 425-821-6884 or 508-963-4783


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