Friday, September 19

Owning an Orange car...

... and being semi-OCD makes me think about things like the color spectrum. For instance when I am driving and I see a yellow car in the nearby area I will often look to see if I can't find a red car as well. (As I am an orange car to complete the color spectrum.) I've often thought in these cases that it would be cool to be driving down the freeway with a yellow car behind me and a red car in front of me.

All that to say that tonight we were walking out of a store and to my, errr, glee, there was a red car parked one space away from a yellow car, with the middle space open. I quickly jumped into my car and backed it into that spot. I jumped out of the car and turned on my phone to take a picture, but alas, it was dark and they all just looked a darker shade of dark. Oh well, it will live on in my mind as the day I "parked the color spectrum." Years from now Lisa and I will be sitting quietly in the living room and I'll look up and say, "Darling, do you remember the time I parked between a red and a yellow car?" She'll look up at me, "What?"
"You know, the time I 'parked the color spectrum!'"
"Oh, yeah, right." and she goes back to reading.
"Those were the days..."
"Yes dear."


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  1. So you have an orange car now? Or is it "copper" like my new one? That's the technical color of our car. ha ha! What kind did you get? Now you must post a picture of your new baby!
    Wow - Colorado, huh? It's beautiful over there. A little land-locked, but gorgeous. Congrats!


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