Monday, March 9


This morning has been full of tears for me. Tears of relief and joy and thanksgiving. I got an email this morning from my doctor saying that the CT scan was free of things that shouldn't be in my abdomen. Praise the LORD! I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers. The Lord has brought us all together through my health to pray for a common thing. I am thankful to all of you, and I pray that you would take some time, if you have prayed for me, to stop and thank the Lord for answering our prayers. (Assuming you were asking for healing...)

I am really busy at work today, but I am also very, very excited to be able to continue working for the next six months free of concern about cancer. Thank you all very much for your continued support!



  1. That is wonderful news, Ben! Praise the Lord!

  2. Great! Amazing! The next six months just got that much sweeter.

    Also...just an e-mail? No phone call? I guess we really do live in a different world. :-) The fastest way to contact my landlord is by e-mail/blackberry not via the phone.

    That is just amazing news Ben. Throwing a party to celebrate?

  3. Getting a corgi to celebrate? :) We saw several the other day at the Seattle Kennel Club show. Oh, this CUTE little puppy (that wasn't a corgi but looked JUST like one) showed off its baby herding skills on ducks. It was WAY too cute.

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    WE are so thankful, and extremely happy for the next phase of your long journey though life.
    May God continue to bless you both.

  5. Anonymous7:54 AM



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