Tuesday, June 16

CSA Radish

Let the CSA begin!



  1. Oh, that looks WAY too much like a slug for my liking!

    What is CSA?

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    It's a radish, and it has this beautiful rose color hat fades into white at the top. There are some other ones like that and they are really pretty. I don't like radish at all, but this is a different kind, so I'll give it a try.

    Also CSA stands for community supported agriculture. We pay a one time fee and we get a box of fresh, local veggies (fruit starts in July) every week or the next 20 some odd weeks. And it's fresh...

    Katie Ferguson has a write up of what they are doing (which is different from ours a little bit)

    Fun, tasty, and... cost saving?


  3. Yay for delicious local food! Our beet dinner turned out remarkably well, speaking of CSA items. Considering we'd never cooked beets before, and all. Now we know we can cook beets almost the same as potatoes, but they just have a different flavor; we think they'd go well with maybe chicken or something. Not with sausage, as it turns out.

    Cost saving: I hypothesize yes. We paid $450 in February and I don't think we'll have to buy anything other than bananas (alas not local to MA) and maybe apples all summer. One head of lettuce is good for 5+ salads, too, which is NOT what we're used to. This is vegetables on a whole new level -- and I like it!


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