Wednesday, September 16

Around and around

Yesterday Lisa, my mom, my dad and I circumnavigated Pikes Peak. This involved going on a small dirt road (Shelf) that loomed some 200 to 300 some odd feet above the floor of the canyon below us.

Before that however we went on the Royal Gorge train ride. It was a lot of fun... but I am very done with songs about trains.

After that we shared a great meal together at Mona Lisa, which is a fondue place in Manitou Springs. It was a lot of fun.

I also learned that my MRI of my brain was "clear" meaning I don't have cancer in my brain. Which really is a relief to me because I figured since it was between my lungs that it might as well be in my head.

I am spending some time at work today as I am working on coming up with a list and potential game plan for all the things that need to be done IT wise while I am out. So far it's 2 pages.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers. No word from MD Anderson yet. I'll let you know when I know.



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