Monday, September 21


There are two kinds of waiting: The kind where you are waiting for the "other shoe to drop", IE, bad news. And then there is the type of waiting like a kid around Christmas time, or a guy waiting to ask out a girl he likes. (See January 24th, 2003)

We're told to eagerly anticipate Christ's return and heaven. However I was thinking about it, as adults we anticipate things a lot, but it's generally not the excited "can't hardly wait for Christmas" type waiting. We find ourselves waiting for bad news, anticipating the worst, and as we get older we loose the "Can't hardly wait" feeling that comes with waiting for something exciting.

What happened to that? As we get older that excitement fades doesn't it? We're told as Christians to have excitement about Christ's return and heaven, but the most we can must is a "Ya heaven." Have you ever been excited about the prospect of heaven? In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children. Doesn't that mean we get "Christmas" like excited about God?

I know I am guilty of this: thinking excitement is immature or something. But I don't think so anymore. Pray for me, for us, pray with me, hope extravagantly.



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