Monday, November 2

Long weekend

Hello everyone,
I still have chemo brain so actually seeing the computer screen is a bit of a challenge for me.

Friday they withheld chemo becuase my counts were too low, and then Saturday and Sunday and went into the infusion center and they gave me liquids.

I pretty much slept from yesterday afternoon until this morning. Lisa's mom is here helping at the moment which has made somethings that much easier, but still, I am worn out. I've been trying to eat and get plenty of sleep, but sometimes my body just conspires against me.

My apologizes if you have written me an email, I can't read them right now

Some prayer requests:
1. That next time around the doctor would know a more effective way to combat my insides turning into liquid. I am also really fatigued. We're also going to be have to be making plans for a trip back to Houston here soon as well. Please continue to pray the chemo works.



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