Wednesday, February 17

Today's the day

Ok, today's the day. We find out if the chemo has been having any more effect on these crazy tumors. I'm not going to lie: these meetings with the doctor are probably some of the scarest things that happen in my life. I have NO idea what he is going to say when he comes in. It could range from "wow great news!" To "well it's not responding like I'd like" to "bad news, there has been a massive cell repoduction". I mean I walk in there (and wait forever) and I don't know what the run down is going to be until he sits down and starts talking. Yes he said some hopeful things last time but this cancer stuff (excuse me) is a bitch and sometimes the chemo works, and sometimes it doesn't. I have a friend of Facebook with this same stuff and the chemo doesn't work on her anymore. (Not sure if it ever did though) I am going to go spend some time with God. He's gotten me this far (through this once already when it was 3 times harder at least), we'll see what He has to say.

P.S. I am shaking in my boots over this meeting. The chemo I am currently on is still plan A. We still have B and C to go if this is failing. Psalm 20 v5 though (see previous post from Sunday) I need to remember where my trust is.



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