Saturday, April 24


Wow, what a long day (for me). I was up and helping create breakfast by ten (see previous post) and then we went out and ran errands until three. Where we met up with a friend at a Thai place and ate food and chatted until almost five. Now I am worn out... but not flattened!

One of the errands we ran was to Colorado Kernels, which my parents had so graciously given me a gift certificate to earlier in the week when I was complaining about craving caramel corn. Colorado Kernels is a locally run "gourmet popcorn" store (they ship) and with the gift certificate I was able to score the amount of "popped-corn" you see above. Flavors are: Kettle Corn (you can judge a "gourmet popcorn" maker by their kettle corn), Cherry Cordial, Carmel Apple, Bacon and Cheddar (how could I NOT try that?), Chocolate Avalanche, and Mile High Pecan Pie. (Ironically enough I didn't get their caramel corn... which I thought I had, but oh well. With as many flavors as they had to choose from I can always go back for more. (The Chocolate Avalanche is actually just chocolate drizzled over their caramel corn, so... close enough.))

The Thai place was a solid 5 stars... for Colorad Springs. Maybe would have landed a 3.5 stars in Seattle... maybe I am hyping Seattle's Thai scene, but I doubt it. It was nice to have some decent Asian food again though without having to fly back to Seattle. The food was probably made better with good company though.

Ok, this Caramel Apple popcorn is staring me in the face. I've gotta try this.



  1. was the caramel apple corn?

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Kind of strange. The caramel part was really good. The apple part... tasted a LOT like an apple, which was kind of strange when combined with the texture of something that ISN'T an apple.

    Might be a flavor that grows on me... but the quality of the product was very impressive. I am looking forward to the other flavors!


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