Monday, August 9

Day out = day in

It looks like that despite the fact that this chemo wrecks a LOT less havoc on my body than anything I have had previously, that I am still very much "sick". I sat at church yesterday, then we sat and talked with some friends and watched a movie, then sat out for dinner. So it's not like I have been running around and sitting in the sun or anything, but it seems to wear me out. I came home last night and crashed. Had a migraine and then I spent most of the day in bed. I think perhaps I am burning myself out is because I have the mental capacity I would normally have, which isn't the case when I am on heavy chemo. I spent more time thinking and focusing on what my body is doing and less time thinking about other things. On this chemo, as it doesn't effect my mind, I am thinking about all sorts of things and not paying as much attention to what my body might be telling me. So I spend a day out, have a great time, when my body can only really handle half a day.

As this is the case, combined with other health issues, it doesn't look like we will be returning to Seattle anytime soon. (Sorry classmates, you'll have to celebrate 10 years out of HS without me)

Follow up appointment this week with the Dr. who is in charge of the study/ trial I am in. (It's been 4 weeks already) Then perhaps an "early" chemo time (1:30) and perhaps home before dinner time! Please pray for wisdom for Lisa and I as we are tethered to Houston. Thanks team, I'm going back to bed.


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