Thursday, November 11

I dream in coastal visions

It's not too uncommon for me to have dreams about places I have never been to or places that don't exist. Last night I had a dream about a house in a forrest on one of the islands in the San Juan Island region. Thinking back on the dream I realized I had brought together different aspects of many different places I would consider peaceful or home-like from the Seattle area. My life has, obviously, been forever changed because of this disease that is trying to survive in my body. I really don't know from one day to the next, sometimes week to week what to expect or what is going to happen. A little more than a month ago we decided to make the move down here to Houston until this cancer is dealt with. Not something we had ever planned for our lives. The moves (Five in five years of marriage) however haven't really killed the hopes and dreams I had before I got sick, they just got bumped down on the priority list. (And new hopes, related to cancer, arose in their place)

Yesterday we were told by the doctor that the cancer was stable to some improvement. So for the time being we'll continue as we are and we'll see what happens. This time of year though I start to feel the tether more tightly around my neck keeping me in Houston for medical reasons. I feel like we might have won a skirmish in the war, but we're not done yet. Though I am far away from a lot of you I would ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers. I think perhaps as I start to stabilize a bit more that things might get harder. As I have the mind to work, and the desire to travel it will be harder to be here, especially when I don't feel like anything is wrong.

Thanks for the continued support. God is good, weather in Seattle, Colorado Springs, or even, Houston.


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  1. "even Houston"?? H-town will grow on me. It's gonna happen.


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