Wednesday, November 3

Medy Update

Today miiight have been one of the more frustrating ones in a while. I had my blood drawn at 11:30 this morning, didn't have to see a doctor, and expecting that things would go semi like last week, we went upstairs to wait to be called into a room. My appointment was supposed to be at 2pm, so at 12:30 when they called me to do my vitals I was excited that we'd be in and out in no time. When 3:30pm rolled around and they still hadn't called me I started to get a wee bit frustrated. We were admitted at 4pm, the nurse didn't come into my room until 4:40pm.

As we were sitting in the waiting room people would come up to the receptionist and complain about being 15 minutes past their appointment time. We almost wanted to ask if they were new here.

We're back now. Tomorrow I've got a PET scan in the morning and then hopefully we are done for the week. Movers supposedly show up on Saturday.



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