Monday, November 1

OC TIS Summit

From left to right: Ray, Harold, Elliot, Ben, and Larry

This past weekend I helped host the first ever One Challenge International Technology and Information Services Summit. Those involved in IT at HQ came down here to Houston where I am and for three days we sat around, ate, and talked about, and even at times, debated IT things that needed to be done, policies that needed to be put in place, and generally the running of IT within the mission. It was a great time and I feel like we got a lot done. We also put a lot of things on the table. We ended up with a list about two and a half pages of items that need some kind of action on them. Either in the near future or in the next handful of years. It'll be exciting to see what comes of it.

We met Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday... and now I am worn out!

In other news I can officially go back to working again! I've been cleared for up to 15 hours of work a week. (The insurance company allows me to work a bit and continue on long term disability.) So while some weeks I won't be able to work that number other weeks I will. It's exciting to get back in the game again. Especially from my remote location.

Thanks for the continued support!



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