Monday, December 13

Lets make this date official

You might have heard rumors, maybe something tweeted in the twitterverse, perhaps commented on in the blogosphere, but here it is, actual, honest to goodness dates that Lisa and I will be in Seattle: January 7th through 17th. Call, write, email to book now. Space is limited and is not based on any first-come first-served. Family is #1 priority, followed by people who make large donations to... ummm, I mean we'll see how the chips. If you want to see us (Lisa and I) don't hesitate to ask.

I'm sure tomorrow, when I'm not so traumatized by it, I'll have something funny to saw about my eye exam. Right now it's just too soon...



  1. I can't wait and am PRAYING that the Lord will protect your health and cause our weather to behave!!!

  2. I wish I could be there at the same time! Unfortunately I got Seattle covered over Christmas not January and head back east to DC before you come in.

    But I am definitely praying (eye exam, et al) for your health and witty response.


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