Friday, December 17

Medically induced Humor

I like how to try and come up with titles for my blog posts, but honestly sometimes I have a much better title that doesn't match anything in the post... well at least not much of one.

I realized today as I was twitching my foot, typing an email and talking to Lisa at the same time that I probably should have gone to "support care" month ago. The cocktail they have me on right now get rid of the pain and fatigue AND on top of that are pretty small dosages. This means super small pills I can swallow, and tiny shots of liquid (less than a splash) than I can consume. And for that little amount of work, I get to feel pretty good. I seriously had NO idea how much my day was consumed simply fighting off the fatigued feeling.

I admit I was skeptical on Wednesday when they gave me all the stuff, but Thursday was a pretty good day (health and energy wise) and I got sleep last night and today has also been pretty great health and energy wise.

I was thinking that Seattle was going to be one big "try and stay awake and fight off fatigue" trip but with these meds I think I can safely say I am looking forward to the trip now.

As we enter the holidays here Lisa and I have a few things lined up: Tonight we're hanging with our friends we met in Colorado, then they moved down here, then we moved down here. Tomorrow our good friends from OC, Ted and Claudia Limpic, who currently reside in Spain, are in town and we'll be doing something with them, and then on Sunday Lisa and I had a "free night stay" voucher from Best Western we had to use so we booked a room by the medical center (I have an eye dr appointment on Monday) and with the free night, free parking and breakfast it'l actually end up saving us money to spend the night there. (Not to mention time driving!)

Christmas we are hanging out with the nurse who runs the study I am in and her family. Should be a lot of fun. Following that week I have a scan and then 2011 is upon us.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support, we've been feeling God's presence more as of late in the things we do and places we go. Also, we are still looking to see folks in Seattle. If you are interested please contact Lisa or myself!

Thanks Team!



  1. All I can think of is "the prayers of a righteous man availeth much." I know SOOOO many who have been praying for you guys lately. Weighing less than one's mother seems to put one's mother in the hyper-vigilent-everybody-pray-for-Ben mode. I am so grateful that God led you to the "support care" folks. Man, they are the BEST!!!! Next time you're there, tell them how much your mama appreciates them!

  2. I am praising God for your day today Ben. Your good night's sleep last night. Your feeling God's presence. I'm praying this continues and you have many moments of His peace.


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