Tuesday, February 8

I waited...

Today I went to the hospital with the intent on getting a CT scan. Let me tell you the end of this story right away by saying that that never happened. After getting a chest xray, blood draw, and waiting for hours they told me what they were planning on doing and I realized I was allergic to at least one of the things they wanted to put in my body AND that a PET scan would give them a better image of what they wanted to see without me having to ingest a bunch of extra chemicals that might make me sick. So, a quick journey up to the Sarcoma center and they looked at my blood work and said, "Your platelets are too low to admit you to the hospital tomorrow. We'll cancel this CT scan and setup a PET scan for sometime in a week or more." They also said that I most likely wouldn't be starting chemo again until maybe the 21st or 23rd of this month. I'm not too sure if that is a good thing or not, as my mission here is to kill cancer, but it means I will have a little more "free time" with a clear mind than I thought I would have.

We left the hospital about the same time as my CT scan was scheduled for, so we did all the waiting for non of the pay-off. On the up-side however we also got the doctor's visit tomorrow canceled so that frees up a good two to five hours.

Thanks for the continued support. We look forward to continuing the battle with you all.



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