Monday, March 14

Mini pies

Blueberry and cheery.

Lisa made these in a muffin tin with Pillsbury pie dough and leftover cherry pie filling and blueberry's we had around. Good stuff.



  1. Send a few our way! Those look amazing, Lisa!

  2. They were super easy, Riva! You should try making these with your kids. Spray a muffin tin w/ pan, then cut circles out of store-bought pie dough to fit in the muffin pan. I just stuck leftover dough pieces together by hand to use it all, but you could re-roll it. Then spoon in filling. For the cherry I just used a can of store-bought pie filling, but for the blueberry I just tossed fresh blueberries with flour, sugar and cinnamon (similar to the recipe in our cookbook!). I also baked some apples with the same combo. Then cooked about 20 minutes (or 25?) at 450. For the second half of the cooking time I covered the whole thing in foil so the crust wouldn't burn.

  3. *spray with Pam, not pan :)


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