Tuesday, April 19

On the Coattails of Dread

Perhaps a touch melodramatic. I start chemo tomorrow (or for most of you reading this, today) and I am really not looking forward to it. This whole chemo thing is great as long as you have a goal. Do this chemo until summer, do the trial, kick cancer's butt. Goal. Now it's: do this chemo until... yeah, until then.

I realized that September this year will be the grand two year mark for this 'bout with cancer. That would explain why I am so tired of drugs, doctors and different drugs. I have been wrung out and honestly I don't know how I have been able to go for so long without simply burning out. (Grace of God) I really, really feel like it would be really nice to be done with this and move onto something else. How about we get rid of cancer and learn things from something else now Lord? How about children? Maybe? Please?

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