Monday, June 13

Cook'n with Sprouts

The oft maligned brussel sprout
Over the past week or so Lisa has been pushing the limits of the things we know and has brought brussel sprouts into our lives. In the past week we have had these little buggers in several dishes. The first thing we had it on was a pizza. This consisted of a pizza dough purchased at our local super super market and sharp white cheddar cheese. The little buds and sharp cheddar and a great crust. The first time I had brussel sprouts and I was surprised that they weren't horrible and to be feared.

Thus boldened Lisa made a misc veggies dish in which she threw some brussel sprouts into a mixture of edamame, onions and fresh corn. Sautéed that with a little olive oil on the stove top and we enjoyed it a lot. And proceeded to have it as leftovers.

Then tonight (with our fruit salad and hickory smoked sea salt butter rubbed steak) she looked up brussel sprouts in our New Best Recipe cookbook and found a recipe that essentially just boiled the sprouts in cream and added a little bit of salt. They turned out amazing. (Amazing!)

As I mentioned earlier the 'Sprout isn't something I have ever had before this past week. (That I am aware of) I know that both of our parents are pretty anti-brussel so it's not really too much of a surprise that these haven't been in our lives before. I can imagine that steaming these things, or just straight boiling them in water could make for a pretty horrible experience though. I think the key here is to keep them away from water. (You don't boil or steam lettuce do you?)

I am envisioning having another go at them, but adding bacon next time. The peppery flavor of the 'Sprout makes me think that bacon would be a very nice side with it... maybe some caramelized onions as well. I encourage you to try something you haven't tried in a long time. Perhaps you'll discover you've been missing out on something you thought you hated all this time.

I'm going to go make brownies now. Because... ummm... I hate brownies and I gotta go see if I like them.

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  1. Yep, my mom has an official "No Brussel Sprouts In My House!" rule.

    Brussel sprout pizza:

    Sorry about the blog's PG-13 name.


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