Monday, June 27

Midday Chemo

Lets see, we've done evening chemo, where we get home around 11pm or later. We've done morning chemo where we get home between 2 and 3pm. And now we get to try afternoon chemo. I start it up at 1:30pm today and with the six or seven hours it takes (bleh) we're going to be home around 9ish. Plus we get some time in the morning to either sleep in or get something done. (Like sleeping) We'll see how it goes overall. I hope this doesn't turn into the "worst of both worlds". But odds are also good that with the timing we could avoid BOTH sets of rush hour. (Which would be GREAT)

Post-biopsy I am doing well. I hurt on Saturday, but not on Sunday. I thank God that Thursday didn't work out as they didn't have to go through my lung to get a sample, which means no chance of a collapsed lung.

Continued prayers for chemo effectiveness. And honestly if that means I get sick, well then I am sick. I'd rather feel icky and have the chemo be effective than feel great and have the chemo not do anything. But on the other side of that coin I would rather feel great AND have it be effective. (Or even better yet the tumors just up and disappear!)

Thanks all!

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  1. It might be good to explain about the purpose of the biopsy. Many people have asked me, "When will Ben get the results of his biopsy?"


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