Tuesday, June 7

My 5 Stars

I realized the other day that I had assigned emotional connections to the 5 stars that Netflix lets you assign to movies and TV shows you have watched. Being as I have taken the time to rate as much stuff as I think I have seen (I won't tell you the number because you would probably gasp, but frankly the number of TV shows and movies you have seen is probably pretty high too, you just haven't taken the time to sit down and rate all of it.) I have found a quick way to rate a movie based on how I feel about it. So now, so that you might enjoy it, use it, or mock it, I present to you: My stars:

***: Three stars said, Yes, I watched the movie. Odds are higher than twenty percent that if faced with watching that movie again, I would in fact, NOT watch that movie again. Maybe it was worth the viewing, maybe it wasn't (that is for the half stars to decide) but three stars falls safely into the, "Yes, I saw that movie." category.

****: Four stars is, yes, I saw that movie, and it was good. If faced with a chance to see it again, I might. Odds are better than forty-nine percent I might watch it again. And I would tell people it was a movie worth watching.

**: Two star movies have walked the line and been found lacking. Two stars says, "I probably saw this movie and will tell you it's a bad movie and to not waste your time."

*****: Five stars means I loved the movie, it was great, or it touched me in some way, and I can't begin to tell you to see it! You haven't seen it! By all means, see it! In fact I'll see it with you! Odds are good I will see this movie more than two times. And suggest you do likewise.

*: One star says, "Movie? What movie? Oh, yeah, I HEARD that was a bad movie."

I was going to provide you with example titles, but my Netflix list was too big to pull up examples in a timely fashion, so instead of spending hours writing this post you get the above. The Ben Morrell's way of instantly rating a movie without having to work for it much. I'll give you a simple list though:

5. The Brother's Bloom
4. The Game
3. The Pelican Brief
2. The Postman
1. The Thomas Crown Affair

.. what are your five stars?

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  1. We watched "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" last night. Now, granted, it is the only of the "Chronicles of Narnia" that I never made it through (although I have tried numerous times--it sure does have some great points, but haven't found the storyline one that will keep my interest). From what I remember, you didn't care for the movie at all. I was surprised, though, that I really did! (it wasn't 3D on DVD)But I have no book comparison. I think that makes the difference for me. I wonder how I would like "The Magician's Nephew" or "The Last Battle" if those were made into movies, as they are my favorites.

    Anyway, it sure does seem like one man's ceiling is another man's floor when it comes to movie reviews. (Reminds me of Dad, Dan McCurley and "Sphere.")

    Hope you're having a good day! Stay out of that heat!!!!!


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