Monday, November 14

Locating Lisa

I get asked a lot "How is Lisa doing", and generally I don't write too much about things like this on the blog because I don't want to put words in her mouth. I like her to add stuff to this blog occasionally, but she is a lot busier than I tend to be.

From this husband's perspective things have been going pretty well since the move. We got unboxed in a fairly quick manner, and calling this place "home" (our sixth in six years of marriage) didn't seem to difficult. The kitchen is small, but the rest of the apartment affords us luxuries we hadn't had before, like a separate room for Lisa to work in away from the sounds of me coughing, birds squawking, etc.

Another benefit to living here is that the 12-14 hours we used to spend driving a week is reduced to something like two hours. The extra free time has freed up Lisa to just have more time to do things that she didn't have before. 12 hours is like a work day and a half! Also the "not dealing with Houston drivers" thing has made Lisa nicer as well. Remove a frustration like that and there are so many other stresses and things that make you angry are just gone. Plus the extra stress in our relationship about the way she drives and the way I think I would drive (I haven't driven in two years, so that is why I say, "The way I think I would drive.") is reduced a great amount.

In the new place it's also easier to hang out with each other and avoid each other. Which is a really nice upgrade from our previous apartment which was very hard to avoid the other person. 700sqft: great for sleeping in, cooking in, coming home to after work. Not so great for both parties working at home all the time. Besides the extra space we have windows all along the side so we get more light, AND we have a big bald cyprus just outside that you can actually see from all three windows in the apartment.

A couple times last week I took the shuttle from the complex here to the medical center and back, which allowed Lisa to stay in bed, and then work without interruption as I got to my medical appointments and back quickly and quietly. Overall this move has been a good thing for Lisa and I. I feel like I have a touch more freedom to move around that I didn't have before, and Lisa has more time to spend doing things she wants to do instead of driving across Houston several times a day.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. The entry I made on Friday (Dropped), has been well received and people have been helping out a bit. I'm working on getting some numbers so I can share with you where I am at, but thank you for sharing my need with other people. Please continue to help, pass on the world, retweet, reshare, forward, and PRAY. I appreciate everything you guys do for us!

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