Wednesday, December 28

Shall we Disqus?

I have heard from multiple people about the issues they have had commenting on my blog. As I really, really (REALLY!) like comments on the things I write (either here, via @Replies on Twitter, or Facebook or in my Google+ stream) I have made it easier for you to leave comments here on the site. I've installed Disqus*, which is a rather fancy comment system used by a bunch of big sites. You can log in with your twitter, facebook, or Google account and leave comments. Hopefully this means I might hear from more of you more often...

In other news things here in the Pacific Northwest have been going pretty good. The cold I started developing on Christmas eve is starting to fall away. Tonight we are celebrating "New 'Tweenmas", which as you all know by now is celebrated between Christmas and New Years. The first ever Tween party was held back in our little condo in 2005. After that year we moved it to Lisa's parent's house as the size was somewhat prohibitive for our small 800sqft condo. (Check FB for event details for this year, if you want to swing by and can't find info drop me a line.)

Lisa and I both agreed that this has probably been the best Christmas season we have enjoyed in a few years. (about three... maybe more) The last time we got to spend Christmas with everyone I was recovering from surgery from my first bout with cancer. It's been a wonderful time seeing all sorts of people. Old friends, newer friends, parents, siblings, strangers who follow the blog (you know who you are...), and Lisa and I have also had the chance to meet with a few friends who have cancer now as well and talk with them about life and what they are going through. We look forward to continuing to see people as we roll towards the new year!

As is semi typical of the New Year I will at some point in the next month be taking some time to evaluate my life a bit here on the site as I approach a load of milestones this next year. I'd like to call them out and take some time to think about the future. Nothing is ever certain of course, but just because you are sailing through a storm doesn't mean you suddenly loose all desire to steer the ship.

Thanks a lot team! Remember you can still help Lisa and I out with our insurance needs for this next year and have it be a tax-write off for this year. See the "Help" links around the site (and below). I'll have an update on how that is going sometime in January and will update you all on that then.

*Technical Note: If you have any of those "cookie blocking"/ "cookie tracking" programs (like Ghosterly) they tend to block Disqus traffic by default, just add it to the whitelist if the comments don't show up on the bottom of the page.

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