Friday, February 3

Painting away cancer

"Deep Roots" by Beth Morrell
My sister, as some of you are aware, is quite the talented artist. When we were up in Seattle in December I realized I wanted to create a thank you card for people who have donated to my health insurance ordeal and the idea came to mind to enlist Beth to create something that I could turn into a card, and also captured some of the essence of how I feel about the people who have donated to helping me continue to cover the crazy expenses involved with keeping me alive.

If you've donated you'll get a card from me professionally printed and it looks fantastic if I do say so with a little note on the inside from me. If you want the original she has posted an eBay auction that runs for another six days. Twenty five percent of the final auction price goes to my health insurance stuff, and the winner gets a fantastic 24x30 original painting. Please check it out, pass it around, etc. Thanks!

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