Sunday, September 23


Those of you that know me, or have read this blog for any great span of time, will know that I have had a rather difficult time in a certain area of modern medicine. Those new to the blog will not know that I almost always try and get medication available in liquid form. This has given me the... experience, of such things as levaquin, which I can only describe the taste as "liquid hate". In short, I had a very difficult time swallowing pills of any shape or size.

This took a change in the last several weeks as I have had to swallow my chemo every night. I have gotten fairly good at swallow now. With the way things are going now I am having to put down five pills every evening and I think I have only had one rough evening since I started. So next time I see the doctor I am going to ask for some of the meds I currently have as liquid to be converted to pill form. (I also bought some headache medicine that I typically get in liquid form in pill form as well.)

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? It took me 30 and a half years to get it down but I can now, with confidence, say I can swallow pills. It's kind of nice honestly. Gives me hope for learning new things in the future that seemed difficult to me in the past.

A bit more of a medical update: the pain I was/ am having in my arm/shoulder area that they said it tied to tumors growing (bleh) has been managed by a slow-release pill I take once a day. This pill has also enabled me to cut back on the cough/pain killer I was taking several times a day to manage my cough and my pain. I've cut the cough med down to once, maybe twice a day vs the four or more times a day I used to take it.

Despite some clouds on the horizon of my life these past few weeks there have been some benefits to the pain. Thank you for praying and supporting Lisa and I.

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