Tuesday, October 16

Bound to change...

I was reading some of a book that an author sent me telling me I should read it (I have to admit I am leery about authors oushing their own books...) but a section that I read made me think about something that made me wonder about something else that brought me to asking God for something.

The thing I asked God for was the ability to see sin in my life for what it is. I found myself wondering what blinders (and binders) I had put in my own life because of "routine" or "traditional" or "social accpetance". What things might I do over and over that are in fact sin, that I have written off because I no longer think of it as sin? I don't know. That's part of the problem, there is no way I am going to see this for myself. I need help taking off these glasses I put on to be able to view my life as God views it. Am I walking around on a broken leg and don't even know it? Is some burried, potentially right in front of my face sin, keeping me from being who and what God wants me to be?

I have no idea what'll happen over the next few days as I pray about this. I just felt like I should share what God brought to me and see what happens.

In other news, medically things are seeming evening out a bit. Had an appointment with a specialist today that suggested acupuncture might help long-term with pain and nausea management. Attempting to reduce the amount of medicine I am on at any one point, so we'll see how this goes.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers.

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