Thursday, November 15

Acupoketure the 2nd

Second round of acupuncture yesterday. It was interesting. It didn't hurt as much as before, but she addressed the pain issue. She said, she could do the acupuncture without any pain, but that it would take "many more appointments, and much more time." She said that the pain helps speed up the healing because it helps alert the body that there is something wrong. In regards to that, I would prefer a bit of pain for a few appointments than having to pay for "many more" appointments. I can't get over how knowledgeable this lady is in the littlest tweaks she can make to the body. No doctor (she has a PHd) has impressed me more with their knowledge than she has.

(NOTE: some doctor's have impressed me afterwards, or after a long while working with them, but she displayed almost immediately that she knew what she was talking about.)

The pain lingered a lot less than it did on Monday as well. I skipped my anti-nausea meds on Tuesday and was feeling semi-queezy on Wednesday, and after the acupuncture it was mostly gone. That could possibly be from the needles, or it could just be that I was so relieved to not be stuck anymore.

One interesting thing from this has been that I have spent some time really meditating and thinking about how amazing the body is and how God crafted that so amazingly. The view I had kind of gotten from my other docs with the cancer treatments kind of left me with the impression that my body was kind of like an old car. It has some interesting technology but ultimately it's pretty basic and we just need to get in there and rip out the stuff that's not working or do an overhaul of some part or another. The other side is that the body is mysterious and we can't really know why it does what it does. (impression on what causes cancer or specifically, my cancer, or how we can fix it.)

This acupuncture has really revealed to me that the body is much more like a modern computer. There are millions of connections, hundred and thousands of pathways and many ways the machine can tell you something is wrong.

It's all an amazing thing, and I think even if the acupuncture doesn't really work as well as it's supposed to, I will have learned something from it that has expanded my view of the amazing body that God has given me.

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