Tuesday, June 24

A New Job, and Other Things I Might Not Have Told You Yet

Taken from my deck - a sign of God's promises
I am now officially a part-time employee at Ben Trogdon Architects.  The other part of the time (in which I am not sleeping, cooking, studying for architecture exams, enjoying the Summer in Seattle (!) or other non-work activities) for now, I'll continue working remotely for LGA Studios.  Yay!!  I have a local job!!  And yes, there is a Ben I communicate with at LGA Studios as well as my new boss Ben, and so Bens are continuous and ubiquitous.

If I had reported on my job search as it unfolded, there would have been a small school of red herrings and crying wolves.  In my head, the whole thing was quite the page-turning drama, but really, it was probably just your average job search process.

During the more stressful moments, God always sent just the right sign of his care.  There was the day I had two interviews and class.  While working at a coffeeshop between appointments, the baristas circulated with large slices of free chocolate cake (this scientific study shows why choosing to eat the cake was inevitable).  During another day of online job hunting, the cat was extra full of purrs and cuddles.

Also taken from my apartment.  Jealousy permitted.
Right now, I'm quite optimistic about liking, learning from and being good at this job.  Some of the lifestyle changes involved are quite appealing - like biking to work from Montlake to Fremont and seeing more people.  I admire Ben Trogdon's work.  When he and the other employee wanted to order several intriguing lunch dishes to share on my first day and then went back to the office to calmly focus on all the details to complete a set of building plans, I knew that we would hit it off. 

Out of curiosity to see where it leads, I picked up another project with a local architect to do on my computer, and also spent a pleasant day working at her kitchen table with a third architect in what she described as a "pop-up office".  Saying yes to this additional opportunity has made things a little crazy, but for a time I can accept that :) 

Does posting this make me a crazy cat lady?
What else has occurred lately?  Well, there have been lovely serendiptious chances to either help or be helped by other people.  One old friend was my bicycle commuting Sensei.  A new friend, a seasoned widow, listened to all the confusing, sad, meaningful, frustrating or pathetic things in my head and said things like "Oh, yes - I remember that.  That lasted three years for me," or "That never goes away, but soon it will start getting better.  You are doing well."  What a relief to hear those words!

One day a friend in Texas needed advice on hosting her brother-in-law with cancer, and another day I spent at the hospital with a family whose fifteen-year old was having his first round of chemo.  I feel like I will never be able to repay all the help I have received while Ben was sick, but perhaps I can repay some.

Got a little carried away with foaming my milk
It's taking some time for my life in Seattle to unfold.  I could explain this by saying that this is often just the nature of the way God works.  Also, I could explain this by saying that for much of the last year, productively and progression were at odds with relationships.  In other words, all of my relationships here in Seattle revolved around having fun and hanging out, and didn't involve many shared goals.  More and more, relationships are crucial to me, so for a time I mostly sacrificed productivity in favor of spending time with people.  Also, I traveled to Colorado and Houston to spend time with people, instead of "getting stuff done".

But, I want to be more than just someone who hangs out and has fun with family and friends. Therefore, I've been praying for people to share my journey - for relationships and progress to come into alignment, whether that means my passions evolving or new relationships or the sweet discovery of shared goals with people who I already know.  It seems like that is beginning to happen, and I am so thankful.  I'm also getting better at being alone - both physically for a time and ultimately before God. 


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