Thursday, March 7

*Insert Rant Here* -- This whole "Getting a new car thing" is driving me crazy. So I can't get a loan from ANYONE if I am the primary signer, mainly because I have NO credit. (This problem would have been solved 2 years ago had Verizon let me buy my OWN cell phone...) So anyway, I'm ok with having my dad sign on the account, so we decide to get a loan through USBank, they seem to have a good rate and don't require any money down. They do however require that I get an account there. Ok, fine, not a problem, what's another bank account than another place to keep money? So I head into the nearest USBank branch today to open up my own account and what happens?! I'm told for the whole car loan thing to work my father has to be the Primary signer on the "FREE Checking" account!

Now, this rant has a purpose. There is NO WAY for me to do anything on my own! Does it matter that I have 2 jobs (working full time) and go to school full time as well? Does it matter at ALL how much I make a year? Nope, not at all. At the rate I'm going, my parents will be co-signing my house loan when I'm 47. It's like no one GIVES you the opportunity to prove yourself worthy of something that requires you to pay money. (Well, if they DO give you the opportunity they give it to you with a knife in your back in the form of 25% interest.)

*grrrrr* The system is messed up.



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