Tuesday, March 5

Well, many good things happened today: 1. I got my machine upgraded. I am now running the WONDERFUL asus A7V266e Motherboard with 512mb's of DDR memory as well as an Athlon 1800 chip to power the whole thing. I honestly can't believe the speed difference. (GeForce 4 Ti 4400 pending)
2. I recieved the Normals newest CD in the mail today: "A Place where you belong" is the title. So far so good.
3. Jars of Clay came out with their new CD today! Of course it will be a week until I get it, being as I pre-ordered it from MusicForce, so like the Normals CD that came out LAST week, I must wait until next week to have a good listen to it.

I am continue in my search for a used car. (Honda Civic DX) My mother finds enjoyment in calling the different car dealerships and talking to people. I test drove one the other day and really enjoyed it. We'll see what happens.

In other news I have a cold, and I'm not too hot on it... *chuckle*.

Catch ya all later!



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