Wednesday, March 13

My second post tonight is a new feature I like to call: BN Cafe Reviews. This little spot is where I take the time to tell you what nice and wonderful thing I have found in the Barnes and Noble cafe. (For those of you that do not know... I work at Barnes and Noble) Today's review:

the Chocolate cake
You can find this only sometimes. For 6 bucks you get a big fatty peice of chocolate cake with enough sugar to keep you up WAY past your bedtime. (NOTE: I am still running on it 5 hours after eating it.) What is in this chocolate cake you might be asking? Well, simply put, chocolate... in like 3 different forms. You have the frosting form, the cake form and the fudge form. Add them all together and you get wonderful. (With my discount though I got the slice O cake for $3.25 as opposed to $6... I feel that it was worth it.) To sum this up I came up with the following quote to describe the cake eating expirence: "A chocolaty romp through chocolate wonderland; complete with the mad hatter and the march hare."



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