Tuesday, March 26

OK... let me clear up a little of what I said yesterday about Training Day. I have 2 categories of "Bad Movies". The first Category is reserved for movies like "The 5th Element" and "Sphere". Then you have a category of Bad Movies like "Titus" and "Training Day". These types of movies aren't poorly made, or poorly acted, but they are so incredibly full of violence and language that I just can't get past the language and the violence to the actual story.

I also felt that with training day that Denzel got the Oscar for playing a role that was 180 from the roles he usually plays. I felt that Training Day couldn't have been pulled off with at all without Ethan Hawke. It was the combination of the two that made that movie "work" at all. And I think that Ethan is getting the short end of the stick.

Those are my thoughts on that.



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