Monday, March 18


That said, I feel it is now safe to say that I passed IT101 WITHOUT a book. So HA! Furthermore proving the point that one doesn't need to take IT101 to get into Cisco Networking. (But I am still out of pocket $313 for the class though...)

In other news I went to BN today to grab some books for my new classes. I went back to the children's section to look up the books on the computer (because if I did it up front I would end up working when I wasn't working...) and I am sitting there happily looking up my books when one of the ladies that works there walks up and says, "Can I help you?" I thought she was being funny, so I kept stareing at the screen working away and said, "Nope, I'm finding everything ok." She then kinda gets closer and says, "This is an employee only terminal." I look up at her and she is dead serious. I then said, "Yeah, I know. I work here." She kind'a paused. And then said, "Oh I didn't recognise you." I would have felt a little better had she been more embarased. Oh well.
So I got my books though. with BN discount. $25... oh yeah... beat THAT BCC Bookstore! =)



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