Sunday, March 17

Work, work and then some more work. Saturday was a work day, and then I work again this afternoon.
You know... I have a pet peeve: My MS job is really flexable, and for that I am thankful, BUT I have been having to tell people from the start of the quarter (January) what my school schedule is. It makes it hard I guess when you se that you get all these nice hours at work, and then realize that 50% of them are when you're in class. (Which doesn't make the clients too happy.)

Anyway, this week I get 3 WHOLE days off in a row from BN (Monday, Tuesday and Wednseday) so that should be fun. Thursday I am back at BN and Friday I am off of work, but going to go to the Delerious concert with Jess.

Maybe sometime in there I can get some more stuff done on Lost. I did write out about 3 pages of stuff earlier this week. And I would like to inform you all that the main character now has a name! Dr. Jaden Lewis will be our hero traveling through the many universes.



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