Wednesday, April 3

A quick post before I head to bed and get up in a couple hours:
Tonight at BN was fun... sometimes they are, and sometimes I am dead tired. Tonight was just a good night.
My classes should be good this quarter. My Popular Fiction: Science Fiction class has a LOT of reading, but, I think it's handleable. I mean she gives us a WEEK to read each book, and that is more than enough being as I have already read two of the books and started the others.
My Writing class could be interesting. I have this slight problem that I forgot about where I get Online classes confused sometimes, so hopefully that won't happen this quarter as much as it did the LAST time it happened.
As for my computer class I am excited because a lot of it is online so I can do it in my own free time on my own computer.
I think though that I really need to get a PDA so I can keep track of all my HW due dates. The schedule for my Science Fiction class is mad-crazy. And the IT251 (Cisco class) is complicated as well. Not to mention I have Microsoft AND BN in there for work and Worship band as well.

Let my crazy quarter begin. =)

I'll keep you all updated.



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