Saturday, April 6

I am so very tired. It's one of those "I have a ton of things to be doing, but can't seem to do more than one thing at once" type of tired. I mean since the majority of my classes have online content (heck ARE online) I can do multiple things at once. But after a day at BN I just don't feel up to it. So here I am talking to people online.

Fun thing though: I ordered myself a Casio Casiopia EM-500 off of eBay. This should help me to better keep track of the 3 class schedules I have PLUS the 2 work schedules AND my "social" life. (Such as it is with the work and school) And it should help me to keep track of all sorts of other stuff as well.

The new car works nicely.

Beth and Jess come home from Mexico on Monday.


to Dan who picked up 1st place the other night for his music video based off the Switchfoot song "I dare you to move". This is his 2nd award winning music video. Way to go.



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