Saturday, April 6

Poetry time: This is a poem I wrote in a letter to Jess and gave her before she went off to Mexico. Being as it won't fit on, you can only find it here.

Mortal Road
By Ben Morrell

This mortal road goes ever on
My life behind me like the dawn
I move slowly forward, always drawn
To the light ahead, seeking what I’m never upon.

I could write a thousand songs
About all the supposed wrongs
In my life, which hasn’t been long,
still I stager on, knowing not where I belong.

I seek a place to rest my feet
And pray this next bend is where I’ll meet
That place of rest most sweet
But I plod down this poorly pave’n street.

The light ahead shines so bright
But it’s still the middle of the night,
It’s hardest to follow that wondrous sight
When walking in broadest daylight.

All that I can do is carry on
For this road is never gone
And this plodding not withdrawn
But my hope is in the one who has already won.

Ever on…
Ever on…



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