Wednesday, April 17

Some updates fer ya:
Earlier I mentioned that I had to turn in my HW today because I was working tomorrow. So I call the office after I get out of class and ask them what time they are open until and the lady tells me 5. 5 I say? 5. She says. So we have that established. 5.
I do my work and get done with time to spare so I head over the the school early. I get to the office door at 2:59 and read the following sign taped to the other side of the glass door: "We will be closeing at 3pm today." And just then my watch goes "beep". 3pm. I am wondering what happened to 5.

In other news I am thinking about going to Alaska for a "roadtrip" this summer. Being as I have never been any more north than Vancoover BC, I thought it might be fun to drive up to Alaska and see what there is to see. (No more than a week mind you) I think the only issue will be finding people to go with me. I REALLY don't want to go alone on this one. But I can only fit 4 people in my car. Guess we'll see if this pans out? Anyone wanna come?



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