Wednesday, April 10

Time for another: "Tales from BN"
In today's episode we find our hero answering the phone:
Ben: "Hello, Barnes and Noble in Woodinville. This is Ben how can I help you?"
Customer: "Hi, do you guys rent laptops?"

Now before I continue lets remember, this is a bookstore. When you look us up it generally says, "Barnes and Noble BOOKSELLERS" or you have to look under "Books" to find our phone number.

Ben: "No, we don't rent laptops."
Customer: "Oh... Hmmm, do you have any idea who might?"

Another note before I finish this: SOoo many places came to mind when the guy asked me this. (Not serious ones mind you) "Ummm, yeah, try calling Borders in Redmond." or "You might want to try calling Taco Bell, I think they were running a special."

Ben: "You might want to try a computer store."
Customer: "Yeah, I thought of that, but they're really expensive."

So you call a bookstore instead to see if a BOOKSTORE has laptops to rent!? This customer gets the award for the most "out there" question I have ever heard. But I will get plenty of laughs over this... of that you can be sure.



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