Saturday, April 20

Well here it is April 20th... a very INTERESTING day I think you'll agree with me. I'm not really sure why... But I'm sure it is.

Ok... last night I went to Taproot and saw "The Man who was Thursday" by Chesterton. Well, it was good up until the end when it turned sureal. At which point I was trying to guess what was going on and what the original author meant by it. I'll have to read it this summer. (Being as I don't have time now.) But I t was typically good taproot material.

I also put in the newest Jars of Clay CD into my CD player last night and then this morning as I was driving to work I was listening and I came to a song that I found I enjoyed, so I listened to it on repeat the rest of the way to work, and then all the way home. I think it's one of those songs I will have to add to my list of "Things to Sing to my wife on our wedding day". (Which I must say is becoming a rather long list. I think it might turn into a concert if I'm not too careful.)



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