Monday, April 8

Well, here it is, week 2 of this quarter, and ALREADY I am wondering WHY I decided to work 2 jobs, AND take a full class load (3 classes) at the same time.

As mentioned below I got myself a Casiopia EM-500 Personal Digital Assistant so that I could better keep track of my 6+ schedule's, but I have since been discovering great things that I can ALSO do with the PDA. (NOTE: I haven't gotten it yet, I pay the guy on Monday, and he ships it out on Tuesday (I hope)) Anyway, some added bonuses: The PDA comes with lots of Microsoft products. You know what this means? This means that since 2.5 of my classes are online, that I can simply download the class content into my EM-500 and take it with me ANYWHERE I go! (crazy huh?) Also, I can DL my email to the PDA and spend my free time at school reading it and answering it. For that matter I could also have all the website that I want sync up in the morning before class. So I could have my email, my webcomics, tech news, AND the lectures and notes for my online classes for that day.
Not to mention I can write reports on the go now. As well as listen to MP3's (should I feel the need) AND watch short movie clips (should I feel the need). And yet another great feature of this little pocket computer is that it has excel on it, WHICH means I can use it to keep track of all those things I pay for during the course of my week. (Being as I was never really big on the whole "paper registry" thing. (It was inconvient, and slightly uncool to whip out your check book and write something down. NOW I can whip out my blue EM-500 and jot it down. So I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully it will make my life as productive as I hope it will... *LOL*

In other news: I am a coward. Which probably isn't a too bad of thing. For if I was even a tad bit braver I think I might get in trouble sometimes. What brought this to mind was tonight at BN I was working the information "center/ booth/ whatever you want to call it" when I saw this girl. Now by Ben reconing she was very cute, and she was looking at the "good" books as well. Had I been more brave I might have gone up to her and asked if she was finding everything ok. Had I had more guts even than THAT I think I would have asked if she had a reader's advantage card. (Ok, I'm kidding, I would have asked for a phone number.) But you know what? That's not really me to go up to someone I do not know and ask for their phone number. I guess it comes down to actually thinking too much. =) I mean I don't know what type of person she is, or really anything about her. So I sat behind the counter and proceeded to look up my name in the BN search. (For the 40th time)
It's times like this where I will never know if something could have happened there, but odds are I will never see 75% of the people that come into the store ever again, so my life must go on.

Ok... enough of this, I am WAY tired and I have to get up in 7 hours for school. When I am this level of tired I tend to write well. Anyway, I will see you all later, I'll keep you posted on my busy life.

Feel free to email me at anytime... I sometimes wonder if my email actually works. (Then I have to send myself a test message to verify that it DOES and that I just haven't recieved anything from anyone.)



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