Saturday, August 10

I finished up my cafe training tonight, I am now "offically" trained. (Or something like that.)

Before I headed to bed I just HAD to let you all in on the highlight of my day today: I got to work around 2:50ish and bumped into Synde, the music manager, on the way in. She told me that there was something for me in music that Thomas had. So after I got myself settled in I headed back there. And low and behold, what wonder was there to greet my eyes!? The newest Nickel Creek CD! But wait! That CD doesn't come out until the 13th! It was listed as an "In Store Play", but the people that come into our store get disgruntalted when we play stuff that sounds like country (but ISN'T). So Synde told me to take it home and that she never wanted to see it again. Now, this is truely cool for several reasons: 1. I get it 4 whole days before the rest of the world can get it. 2. I got it for free. I mean I was going to buy the CD anyways, but here I got it for free!

So to put it in writing, Synde, I owe you one, probably a big one, but I know how you want it paid back, so I look forward to it. =)

Now I am off to bed, work again tomorrow!



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