Friday, August 2

So to kick off August I thought I would declare today (August 2nd) offical "Find you Fork" day. I'm not sure how this "holiday" is going to fall in the future, so you'll have to bear with me. Now I'm sure you're asking yourself (because I am as well), "What is "FyFD?" The answer to that is simple. You need to find your fork. Now I'm not talking about rushing to your kitchen and grabbing the first fork you find. No, I am talking about finding your personal fork! It's kind of like the wand thing in Harry Potter, only no wand, and no magic. (Of course if your fork happens to be a MAGIC fork, then you have that whole magic element in it I guess.)
So, the first half of the day is spent "Finding your Fork" and the next half of the day is spent doing activities with your fork. Such things as my favorites: Try to spear the little round tomates with your fork, and soup eating contests (this is NOT find your Spork day, so no cheating...), and my personal favorite, the speghetti twirl.
I'm sure you'll have a great "Find your Fork" day. Now go out there and have fun, just remember to be safe when running around with your forks. (They aren't toys remember) Remember this little safety mantra and you'll have a safe and injury free FyFD: "Tines in the air, to show that you care!"

I'm off to offiate at the FyFD events at my local city park, I won't be back until later, so until then, have a great day everyone! (And be safe!)



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